Harp Music & Meditation for Inner Peace

Relax your body and mind with harp music and Sahaja yoga meditation and let all your stress and worries fade away.
We will start the session with guided Sahaja yoga meditation underlined with relaxing harp music. After that, we will simply enjoy the music that helps us connect to our inner selves and be in the present moment.

Harp is one of the world’s oldest musical instruments. It has been appreciated for its gentle sound since the times of the first ancient civilizations. Nowadays, it is widely used in music therapy for its soothing sound which naturally calms the nervous system, and reduces blood pressure and anxiety.

Join us for this special music meditation event and experience it.
During the musical meditation, harmonic improvisations, relaxing compositions of various genres and enchanting melodies of Irish and Scottish ballads will be heard. All on a 34-string hooked harp.

Free entry.

We look forward to a well-spent evening!
In case of questions, write to us at info@meditacevbrne.cz

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